We give full and free professional advice based on a family tradition that started 112 years ago. So if you wish to purchase your diamond rings from mass market
retailers please do, but if you prefer to be personally advised, your diamonds specially selected and get REAL value for your money with diamond engagement rings
individually hand crafted to your exact specification,
ALL diamond rings at unbeatable prices, then we are the people you should trust. We will manufacture your diamond ring to your own design at no extra cost.


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- We are specialised in diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings and pendants.
- Impressive choice of quality diamond jewellery available at wholesale prices.
- Direct from Antwerp diamond capital of the world.
- Certified loose diamonds direct as well.
- Diamond engagement ring design and brokerage service.

Diamond Engagement Rings                 Quality of cut
Diamond Education & Advice                Fluorescence in Diamonds
Diamond Ring Design Service               Gold versus Platinum

 We cater to a discerning clientele wanting to purchase Diamonds from REAL experts and their handcrafted quality diamond engagement rings from highly skilled goldsmiths.
This is the main difference between other online & high street retailers and ourselves.
We do NOT SUPPLY mass market and industrially produced
diamond jewellery as the vast majority of online retailers do.

Diamond Engagement Rings
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All of our diamonds are guaranteed